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Shots On Site provides our immunization services when and where YOU want them.

Simply go to our online employee scheduling page and choose the service, date and time and Shots On Site’s licensed and trained staff will contact you before arrival and confirm your appointment date and time to provide Flu shots, Vitamin B12 shots, Pneumonia shots, Shingles vaccine, TDaP, Hep A, Hep B and other services. It’s that simple. We also offer sign-up/in sheets, consent forms and posters (in English and Spanish) to promote our services to your employees.

If your business would like to schedule an on-site flu clinic for your employees,  we (Shots On Site) would like to meet with you and perform a FREE 'on-site evaluation' to assist you and your employees through this process. 

We can make the whole process an 'added-value' experience for your staff while helping you protect your most valuable business assets: Your Employees!

After our meeting you will have a solid understanding of the costs, benefits and processes. You will also be assigned a unique EMPLOYER ID that your employees will use to register on-line for their immunization(s) and allow us to measure employee involvement.

Please CONTACT US about scheduling these services for your company.