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Life is busy, this is an unavoidable truth. We know that your time is valuable so at SOS we make staying healthy as convenient as possible. From business owners to busy moms, numerous walks of life utilize our services.

Lets use mom as an example.
There is nothing more daunting than trying to get the kids ready to go somewhere, let alone to go somewhere to get a shot. Right?!

You have to get the kids dressed, loaded in the car, drive them to the doctors office or pharmacy, wait in an unfamiliar waiting room full of potentially sick people (likely exposing your children to illness), manage the inevitable issues, get the shot, load them up, get them home, and wait for 5-7 days to see if they get sick from being exposed to all the sick people at the pharmacy or doctors office.

That just doesn't make sense to us!

OUR SOLUTION: We Make House Calls!

You've got enough going on! So we make it easy! We believe that the safest and most comfortable place for immunizations is your residence or place of business, it's where you and your family are most comfortable, and you aren't unnecessarily exposed to illness.

CLICK HERE: Schedule Your Family's Appointment On-Line Right Now! We Come To You!

Protect YOUR family this flu season. It just makes sense!